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Das Portrait der Großmutter_Clausager, Aileen.jpg


The story of my artwork is about a neckless that my grandma gave me and since then I have been wearing it all the time. What makes this piece of jewelry so meaning full to me is the story behind it. The Neckless was once worn by her grandma who had the most beautiful blue eyes at her small village in Columbia. My great great grandmother died very early but there is this remembrance of her my grandma likes to tell me. When she looks at me and my blue eyes, I sometimes remind her of her. That’s why she wanted me to have the only memory of her. 

Since there is not a lot known about my great great grandmother, not even a picture, I tried to imagine her with those bright blue eyes. But all I could think of is that association that grandparents always have those neat old plates on their walls. So, I thought of how she also kept them that way. The Idea behind the painting is that the dishes resample my great great grandmother. My artwork talks about the surrounding she grew up with like the jungle, the birds and the flowers. Another focus is the big blue eye that is the main part of the painting. It is her mysteries eye just looking at the observer. The other plates that I have painted upside-down is the missing history of her life. 

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