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I enjoy working in these hands-on three-dimensional and abstract mediums to create work that feels energetic. I used the depth of vision through thick and multiple layers and expressive strokes blended directly on the canvas. My preference art progress is that the artwork speaking to me rather than carefully planning it out. I try to communicate a lot with colors, especially the neon variant of pink, shows the joie de vivre that I want to represent in my series. I created an abstract Disney world that is undeniably different from the world we live in. What fascinates me about any artistic medium is that it can pull the viewer out of a logical and ordinary world and put them in an abstract vivid space. I get often told I live in my own Disney bubble, like in my own world, which I would like to make accessible with my art. I use the Disney characters and show how Disney has shaped me as a person. I grew up with the characters and appreciate the entertainment power that the company brings with its light-hearted films. It reminds me of my childhood and has always been a good companion for me. I am connecting with the past and recollect experiences and emotions as a child. I communicate about how the inner child remains within me and has a massive impact on the way I interact with the outside world. The series is focusing on me and how I walk through life. I am a day dreamer and sometimes I like to lose myself in my Disney bubble.

Disney Serie alle-verbesser_edited.jpg
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